Discover The Humidor

Cigar on a glass of scotch.

After dinner, it may be time to indulge in a glass of port or a snifter of cognac and a fine, hand-rolled cigar. Tantalize your senses and celebrate the romance of a cigar with ’s small, but well stocked humidor. It can satisfy the needs of most any cigar aficionado.

In our never ending quest to provide our customers with life’s simple pleasures, we at have given a new look to our humidor. With a healthy balance of old favorites and tempting newer brands, we are striving to provide one of the freshest cigar experiences possible. Here is a brief exploration into some of the humidor's offerings:

Macanudo is the hottest selling and most popular brand of cigar in America. The Macanudo brand is known for its mild flavor and body, and for its unrivaled consistency. Macanudo originated in Jamaica, however, due to poor growing conditions relocated to the Dominican Republic, where they are still produced today. The Macanudo is a combination of Connecticut shade wrappers, Dominican fillers, and Mexican grown binders. It is straightforward, light in flavor, and very short in finish. We offer a variety of Macanudos including: Ascots, Hyde Park Maduros, Crystal Cafes, and Hampton Courts.

Onyx Reserve is a very highly rated line of maduros. They are medium in body and have a sweet long finish. The Onyx Reserve hit the market in 2000 and has become a virtual homerun for the maduro cigar enthusiasts of the world.

CAO is a cigar brand based in Nashville, Tennessee and is the largest boutique cigar maker. CAO is the only brand of flavored cigars currently offered at . CAO Gold Honey Coronas and CAO Vanilla Petit Coronas are both flavorful masterpieces. CAO Gold Honey uses the highest quality orange blossom honey found exclusively in the finest Floridian orange groves. CAO Bella Vanilla utilizes the highest quality vanilla beans from Madagascar. Both of these varieties are a sweet treat and a good reason to stop by our humidor today!

Cohibas are a brand name as globally recognized as Macanudos. We offer them in a variety of styles, such as: Corona Minors, Toro Tubes, and Robustos. We have a range of medium bodied cigars that include: Upmanns, Romeo y Julietas, and Arturo Fuentes.

If you are looking for a higher end cigar perhaps the Ashtons or Montecristos are more your speed. If boutique cigar makers are your preference, we can accomodate with Olivas or Padrons. The robust nature of a full bodied cigar is what some folks desire to dance on their pallet. If very full-bodied cigars are your style, then we have Punch or Rocky Patel to offer. The aromatics of an Acid wrap may draw you in, or maybe you need a gift idea for someone special, in any instance you will find that our humidor is not all smoke & mirrors. Stop in and discover our humidor today.