How to Taste Wine

Bottles and Glasses of Wine.

Look at the color. The best way to look at a wine is against a white background. It may be brown with age, or brown because it has oxidized. Reds may feature a dark pink or ruby red color. White wines may range from the pale yellow to gold.

Capture the Aroma. Wine tasters swirl their glasses for a reason—it aerates the wine and releases the scent. Is it fruity, woodsy, or citrusy? A vinegar scent may indicate bad wine. Primarily, you want the scent to be pleasing to your senses.

Indulge in the Taste. Let the wine settle in your mouth before you swallow. Consider the weight of the wine, is it heavy like cream or light, like water? Is it bitter, acidic, or sweet? How much of the alcohol can you taste?

Reflect. Let your mouth receive the aftertaste. Is it strong, or subtle, short or long?

Decide. Only you can determine which wine is most pleasing to you. Take notes, and listen to your sensual reaction the taste, smell, sight, and feel.