FuturesWine Futures, also known as En Primeur, is basically purchasing wine after it is barreled, but before it is bottled. “Barrel” tasting is made available to wine journalists, wholesale buyers and direct importers during the spring season following the vintage year. Wine merchants then sell the wine to their customers while it is usually bottled and shipped two years later.

The initial release price of any wine future is usually the lowest price the wine will be sold. Good vintages provide the greatest return on investment for the investor.

Wine Futures are a specialty of Bordeaux. However, wine futures are becoming increasingly popular in other regions as well. Including; Burgundy, the Rhône Valley, California and Italy. Port is also becoming a popular futures commodity. In many cases, these wines are produced in extremely limited quantities and, sometimes, purchasing the wine as a future may be the only way to purchase this wine. Many of these wines also disappear into the private cellars of investors and collectors and are rarely, if ever, seen on the market again.

has the largest futures program in the New England region. We specialize in offering pre-release contracts for the finest vintages of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Port. We should note again that this is possible, in part, because is licensed to directly import these items from their source and thereby eliminate one of the traditional profit tiers in the distribution system. Our wine-buying team annually visits these sources of production to “barrel” taste the newest vintages prior to bottling. Consequently, they know what to purchase and they purchase early at the best prices. When you buy futures from , you not only buy from a merchant who can be trusted to deliver the goods, you also buy with the confidence that it is a worthy purchase.

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