Bottling Great Whisky, One Cask at a Time


Aberlour 2000 12 yr Speyside
111.40 proof
Nose:  bubble gum, sweet nuttiness, marzipan
Palate:  sugared spice, camphor, cinnamon
Finish:  savory, sweet malt, long

Ardmore 2000 12 yr Highland
112.60 proof
Nose:  buttery, citrus, banana oil
Palate:  soft malt, light cinnamon, oily
Finish:  light citrus, lingering white pepper

Bowmore 2000 11 yr Islay
107.20 proof
Nose:  subtle peat with faint tar
Palate:  sweet sugar cane moving into spicy heather mixed with camphor
Finish:  Sweet malt and spicy white pepper

Braveal 1994 18 yr Speyside
104.20 proof
Nose:  clover, honey, some green apple
Palate:  sweet malt, some nuttiness, spicy cinnamon and cloves
Finish:  honey with some white pepper

Clynelish 1997 15 yr North Highland
111.40 proof
Nose:  new mown hay, heather
Palate:  grassy heather, honey malt, hazelnuts
Finish:  long, flowery, malty with a pleasant spiciness

Glen Grant 1992 20 yr Speyside
111.4 proof
Nose:  sherry, heavy malt profile
Palate:  sweet malt, some grassiness and nutty tones, very complex
Finish:  smoothing, creamy and savory

Glenlivet 1976 36 year Speyside
89.20 proof
Nose:  blood orange, dried cloves, wet sand
Palate:  stewed prunes, brown sugar, soft cinnamon, beautifully integrated
Finish:  soft and sweet malt, something to savor             

Littlemill 1988 24 yr Lowland
99.60 proof
Nose:  Lemon grass, toffee, coconut
Palate:  Soft and creamy, butterscotch, toasted coconut, almond paste
Finish:  Very pleasant soft malts with a lemon citrus finish

Mortlach 1995 17 yr Speyside
106.6 proof
Nose: nougat, roasted nuts, nutmeg
Palate:  sugar spice, camphor, cinnamon-nutmeg
Finish:  sweet malty finish with orange citrus spiciness